Finnish Volvo Dealers Make Digital Signage Central To Marketing, Built Into Furnishings

November 26, 2021 by Dave Haynes

We had an unfortunate twilight run-in wth a deer on the highway – wife Joy fine, deer not – so we’ve been in a few new car showrooms lately, anticipating the call from the shop saying the car’s a write-off. So I have seen how some local dealers are building digital signage into their environments.

In short, they’re mostly not doing digital signage in Halifax car dealerships (at least for the kinds of cars I’d buy), but in larger centers and as you climb the price ladder there are indeed screens going in all over in auto dealerships. This Volvo dealership in Finland, however, is the first one I have seen that builds the screens right into the showroom office furniture, in the areas where the sales people do their calculations and make the buying case with prospects.

The case study from the Nordic integrator ZetaDisplay says the digital signage solution they developed is now in place in 30 Volvo dealers across Finland, with the more ambitious installs in the larger centers.

The digital displays are strategically positioned throughout the dealership to compliment the journey that customers take when buying a new vehicle or arriving for maintenance services. 

Digital Signage solutions have been placed near the entrance to help customers with wayfinding, at customer service stations and in the customer lounge, where customers can wait for their car to be serviced or changed. Displays have also been placed near the mechanics’ workstations. 

The content on the screens varies according to the time of year and for where customers are on their unique purchase path. 

When new customers are configuring their vehicle preferences, short tutorial and informational videos are displayed to help them to understand how the different car equipment works and what colours and accessories are available. 

In the service waiting areas, customers can engage with longer video content on topics such as Volvo’s sustainable development or the autonomous future of driving, immersing them into the brand’s values and lifestyle. 

The display and content concept created by ZetaDisplay is scalable, allowing for flexible application in Volvo dealerships of different sizes. The most extensive display packages are available at dealerships in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as well as in Turku, Oulu and Tampere.



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