Dec. 2nd Telelogos Webinar Explores Monetizing Digital Signage Networks Via Advertising

November 26, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The total advertising spend in the Digital OOH media sector is predicted to nearly double by 2023, which understandably gets a lot pf people using digital signage technologies thinking and talking about what hardware and software to use, and what monetization models genuinely work for different kinds of venues and scenarios.

It also opens up a short-term revenue opportunity for companies that have already installed display networks that are visible to customers and visitors, and could in theory integrate advertising into the programming schedule.

A webinar organized by the French CMS software firm Telelogos, and moderated by Florian Rotberg of the German publishing and consulting firm invidis will dig into all this on Dec. 2nd, with the one-hour session timing juggled to cover off time zones that stretch from central Europe to West Coast North America.

The participants in the roundtable format are:

Topics covered include:

You can register for the free webinar on December 2nd using this link. 

I had been moderating these panels but my changed circumstances kind of preclude that now … but the sessions are in great hands via Florian.

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