Why Edit A Menu Board With Software When You Can Use Painter’s Tape?

November 22, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Charles Lewis of the specialty display company Palmer Digital Group has an amazing post up on Linkedin showing what can happen when a local QSR operator invests in digital displays in the drive-thru lane, but appears to have fallen down in training, supporting technology or maybe the clout of the SLA with a services provider.

This is a local burger operation in suburban Chicago, and it is evident (setting aside the lack of brightness and reflection from the 3-screen menu board) that the staff at Bumper 2 Burger either don’t have the logins to make changes on the menu, do have the logins but don’t know how, or whoever is supposed to be in charge of menu revisions can’t get around to it (or won’t for other reasons).

So … painter’s masking tape is doing the job and sending interesting visual cues to customers. Their burgers may be awesome, but if I was looking at this from the driver’s position, I’d be kooky not to wonder if the staff inside had their act together. A drive-thru menu and pre-sell display system needs bright displays that are built to last, but equal weight has to be put on the quality of everything from the user software to the connectivity out to the screen.

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