Qwick Media Launches Interactive Hardware-Software Toolset Focused On Local Tourism

November 22, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The greater Vancouver interactive hardware-software shop Qwick Media has developed a digital toolset focused on the destination tourism sector – a simple cloud and browser-driven platform intended for customers like golf and ski resorts to organize and market the various properties, amenities and services available in the immediate area.

The company has been doing self-service hardware and software for the past decade, but instead of a general enabling platform the Qwick Tourist product zeroes in on the use-case, with templates, apps and widgets that line up with the marketing needs of local tourism bureaus.

“Simple instructions and user-friendly templates make it easy to build a custom interactive solution that reflects the character of your city,” says the company in its marketing material. “Qwick Tourist is a low-cost solution, with flexible monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions available. Built-in monetization features allow you to generate revenue from local businesses and destination sites using the platform. Our platform provides local businesses with more exposure to visitors and a better value than print media. Provides automated services & instantaneous information to enhance the way visitors experience your city. Drag, Drop and Update the information on your kiosk directory. Our platform was designed for simple execution and operation.”

I tend to like products and services that have a defined use-case and the tools to support that, as opposed to general offers that leave resellers and end-user customers trying to work out in their heads if what they’re considering will meet their needs. Marketing what the output can look like is smarter than marketing a platforms generic capabilities.

I also like the proposition of buying software AND hardware from a single source. End-users could find terrific no-code tools like Intuiface to build an interactive application, but they’re then going to have to find a kiosk manufacturer and device management software, and then hope everything plays nice with each other in terms of things like drivers and OS versions.

Here’s a length marketing overview from the firm:

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