Virtual Pandas Loom Over Busy Chengdu Street Corner

November 10, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice “forced perspective” aka “anamorphic illusion” creative piece done on a wraparound 90-degree corner LED billboard in Chengdu, China.

It involves pandas, as you can see, but I’ve no idea what’s being marketed here. This might just be Wow Factor and a piece that keeps people looking as a string of booked advertising runs, as onlookers wait for the pandas to come back. Dunno.

My usual qualifiers that:

The display manufacturer – Liantronics – has an interesting interactive panoramic viewer online that lets people look at the intersection. It does not, however, let you go off that specific angle to see how the creative looks from head-on. It can depend a bit, but in many/most cases the 3D aspect kinda goes away, I am told.


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