Finn Telecoms Retailer Greets Customers With OLED Display Canopy

November 10, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Via Invidis

The Finnish telecommunications group Elisa has a store in Helsinki’s Mall of Tripla, quite close to its headquarters building. The shop is interesting, reports my friends at the German language publisher invidis, because it is using LG’s wallpaper-thin, flexible OLED displays as a canopy above shoppers as they walk in.

Next to an entrance tower, a display strip extends into the room below the ceiling. At the end, the display tape bends down and meets another curved display. With LG OLEDs, slightly curved installations can be realized. The Koreans offer a dedicated rack on which the screens can be brought into the desired curvature.

Commercial OLED panels like this are interesting because of their form factor and ability to bend, but also because they can be oriented to face down like this. While LCDs can be tilted to face down, I don’t think it’s a good idea to operate them facing directly down like a ceiling (though my Googling didn’t come up with anything definitive on that).

You could, of course, use LED as a canopy with no issue, and there are flexible versions that could do the curves. But the resolution and image quality wouldn’t match that of what an OLED can do.

Not overly sold on this concept. It’s interesting, definitely, but I wonder if it has much impact.


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