Raydiant Adds 1,000+ Digital Menu Board Template Gallery To Third-Party App Marketplace

November 4, 2021 by Dave Haynes

It wasn’t all that long ago that digital signage nerds would be happy to go into a QSR and see the operation had opted in on using digital menu boards, but we’re now at a point that it’s more of a surprise when digital menus are not being used.

Lowered hardware costs, greatly-raised reliability and easier software tools are a big part of the story, but one thing that doesn’t get talked about all that much is what’s on the screen, and how the actual menus get designed and managed.

One way is via custom menu design, and specialized shops like Menuat in Florida do that work. The other way is templates, and while many CMS software providers likely have menu templates in their pre-loaded template galleries for clients, there is now enough business out there to warrant a company that just does digital menu templates.

The Silicon Valley-area digital signage CMS Raydiant pushed out a press release that notes how it has added an Indian company – DS Menu – to its app marketplace – providing access to thousands of pre-designed portrait and landscape menus that can be tweaked and then out as flat image files or dynamic HTML5.

The integration offers more than 1,000 of DS Menu’s stunning visual and audio-visual templates, all created by professional designers. Templates can be displayed as is for turnkey digital menu boards or customized to the business’s brand and aesthetic.

“We’re always looking to add exciting tools to our app marketplace that help our brick-and-mortar customers improve their customer experience,” says Raydiant CEO Bobby Marhamat. “DS Menu caught our attention because of the wide spectrum of unique and dynamic templates they offer, and their ability to provide easy, turnkey menu boards that can also be customized to fit our customer’s needs and wants. And all this functionality is offered on an easy-to-use platform, just like ours. It was the perfect match, partnership-wise.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Raydiant, as both our brands focus on building better in-location experiences,” says DS Menu CEO Probir Kumar Sarkar. High-visual digital menu boards are quickly taking the place of paper and chalk menu boards, and it’s exciting to see how our platforms work together to attract customers and bring in more sales.”

The DS Menu app can be accessed and managed from Raydiant’s dashboard. Users can modify templates to fit their brand, adding logos and other branded content. They can also create and schedule menu playlists, setting the menu board to automatically transition to a new menu at a certain time.

Raydiant is listed as a premium partner, among several CMS software firms that have integrated or reached some sort of deal with DS Menu. The largest of the others are ScreenCloud and Enplug (now owned by Spectrio).

DS Menu lists its business as being headquartered in Huntington Beach (LA area), but that may be more of an optics exercise, as the company also lists an address in India and locates itseld in India on Linkedin.

The company would compete with firms like Poster My Wall – which has print and digital templates for multiple platforms, and what appears to be a large pile of restaurant and poster templates.

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