Dallas Aquarium Uses Big LED Backdrop To Enhance New Rainforest Experience

November 4, 2021 by Dave Haynes

There is probably a fancy technical term that has “reality” in it that would apply to this interesting project in Dallas, but I dunno what that term is … extended reality, maybe? Suffice to say the project blends the real deal with supporting visuals done digitally.

The Dallas World Aquarium (DWA), which takes up two city blocks in guess where, is an interactive jungle and aquarium that welcomes families, students, and researchers. The DWA recently completed construction on its newest exhibit, the Cloud Forest Trek, which includes a a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling LED video screen that simulates a real-time rainforest experience.

The third-floor rainforest attraction is a multi-sensory experience featuring a guest-favorite three-toed sloth from Costa Rica, and the Southern Pudu, the world’s smallest species of deer. The exhibit also highlights numerous threatened frog species from the Andean cloud forests in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. 

The zoo collaborated with SNA Displays to create a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling LED video screen that simulates a real-time rainforest experience, transitioning from day to night. SNA Displays manufactured the large format videowall, which features curated, high-resolution footage of the South America rainforest where the Aquarium has on-going conservation efforts.

“I wanted our guests to get lost in the rainforest,” says Daryl Richardson, the Aquarium’s founder, in an SNA case study. “The videowall brings to life the exotic beauty of the rainforest and, paired with the natural elements in the Cloud Forest Trek, creates a truly panoramic experience.”

The 4mm pitch LED wall is 25 feet high and 52 feet wide, using SNA’s Bold interior LED cabinets.

“I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve been involved in integrating our display technology within jungle foliage,” says Nicole Rotyliano, project manager for SNA Displays. “This LED technology blends seamlessly with the rainforest environment and really provides visitors with an immersive visual experience. With the ability to show realistic scenic backdrops for the animal habitats, the depth of field provided to visitors is absolutely stunning.”

The Dallas World Aquarium is located in the West End Historic District of downtown Dallas at 1801 North Griffin Street. Originally converted from a warehouse in 1992, the Aquarium has continued to expand its operations to nearby buildings, creating space to exhibit more diverse wildlife and fauna.

Audio-visual integration and installation assistance was provided by Ford AV, a leading commercial integrator of AV technologies.

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This would not be cheap to do, but it can deliver on experience more effectively than backdrops that the museum curators and designers would have to decide on and live with, versus this sort of thing, which has steadily, subtly changing visuals.

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