Samsung’s New The Wall Promo Video Does Killer Job Explaining Tech With Visuals

November 2, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Manufacturers who send me written PR material that goes on and on, and on, about the technical specs of their display product too often seem to forget that what they sell is a visual product. They want to tell me in written material, instead of show me in pix or, better, in video! So it is refreshing to stumble across a product video that rattles through the key technical benefits of a display product by effectively  visualizing what each does and what happens.

This is from Samsung, for its premium super-fine-pitch LED product, The Wall. It’s Samsung, so its marketers have the budget and the creative agencies to make this in a way your average LED company from Shenzhen may not. But this quality and tone of video should, at minimum, offer cues and inspiration for getting buyers amped about what premium display technology can do.

I like it because it not only calls out that it has features like AI-driven image processing, but shows what happens!

This is mostly or quite possibly all CGI’d projects that don’t exist in the real world. Most of those “real world” jobs that have The Wall in them are not this visually compelling or big, like corporate boardrooms.  But the concepts shown are all things being done with more conventional LED, so you kinda know they will lead to jobs using microLED or tech at least described as micro LED.

You could argue that fine pitch isn’t needed for some of these jobs, like canopies, because of the viewing distance. But the arguments here are more about color, contrast and detail.

The audience for this sort of thing is probably much less so AV consultants and integrators and much more so architects and other professions who design big physical spaces and don’t know what terms like HDR mean, or why they should care.

Great video!


  1. Beth Warren says:

    agreed – great marketing piece and the renders of the use cases are powerful. Thank you for sharing Dave

  2. Wes Dixon says:

    Very Nice…

  3. Wes Dixon says:

    Very…VERY nice!

  4. Bharat says:

    This looks quite good, thanks for sharing

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