30-Meter LED Billboard Lights Up INSIDE A Munich Rail Hub

November 2, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s more evidence of the mainstreaming of LED displays – in this case a scenario that has been using LED for a few years, but not often at this scale.

This is a highway billboard-sized narrow pitch LED display at a main access point into the mass transport services below or near the Karlplatz, a busy public square in Munich. The area is also known locally as the Stachus.

My friends over at invidis, who are based in Munich, went to have a look at the new 30-meter wide (about 100 feet) DOOH billboard display put in by the media company Ströer. There’s more detail in this post, which is auto-translated to English from German.

These screens on bulkheads in rail stations and airport terminals are not new, but they used to be LCD, or if they were LED, tended to be smaller.


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