Video: We Go Walkies At InfoComm 2021 With Manny And Ben Of Q Division

October 28, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Manolo Almagro and Ben Gauthier from the consultancy Q Division are down at InfoComm walking the floor and getting set to speak tomorrow morning. They very kindly offered to give me a quick walk-around and impressions from the floor.

The quick summary: it’s busier than expected, but in the context of digital signage, there’s not a whole pile to see, as many of the big guys have meeting rooms instead of product showcases, and some of the tech that is here is behind dividers and doors, and required invites or scheduled meetings to see.

Ben is a little hard to hear, as Manny is doing this off a smartphone.

Their talk is tomorrow at 11 eastern: The Next Generation of Digital and Physical Experiences at the Technology Innovation Stage. You can attend in person if you are in Orlando, or there are virtual; viewing options via the trade show.


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