More Evidence LED Video Walls Are Mainstreamed: A Fish Counter At A Supermarket Has Vast Video Wall

October 22, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Via Invidis

It really was just a few years ago when fine pitch indoor LED walls started being marketed by manufacturers, with buyers expressing a lot of excitement … until they learned how much walls like that would cost.

Fast-forward to now – in a hyper-competitive marketplace with an almost countless number of manufacturers around the globe, and prices that have dropped to a level that has mainstreamed the use of this technology.

We’ve see fine pitch LED turn up in C-stores, sports bars, at casino swimming pools and even in parking garages. Now we can add the fish counter at a grocery.

The German editors/consultants of invidis are in Dubai this week and Florian Rotberg did a quick post to show what the fresh fish area looks like in a Carrefour at the Mall of the Emirates. There is a full wall of virtual fish.

This is Dubai and the Mall of the Emirates, with competes with the Dubai Mall for who can go the most over-the-top with the architect, store design and visuals. So this is not normal, and maybe not coming to a Carrefour in Caens or Lille, France anytime soon. But still … wow!

Today’s invidis newsletter also has a few early impressions and many photos from the delayed Expo 2020, which has finally been able to open.

  1. Joe says:

    can’t wait to see what else Invidis has to show in Dubai 😉

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