Edmonton Library System Blends LED And LCD For Big Wall In Flagship Branch

October 19, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I am highly skeptical of the assertion that this is the “biggest digital wall in North America” – unless there are some qualifiers in there – but this installation in a public library in Edmonton, Alberta is nonetheless impressive.

The Edmonton Public Library’s flagship Stanley A. Milner Library had a recent re-design that included a new multi-story atrium, and the new focal point is a 20 by 40 wall that pairs fine pitch LED modules with interactive LCDs in the lower portion that is within hand’s reach of visitors.

That vision, says an online case study, became a two-story interactive digital experience that greets visitors. AVI-SPL delivered that vision by creating The Wall, the biggest digital wall in North America. The combination of size and technology is what makes this installation so impressive.

The installation features a series of LED video walls integrated with a bottom row of high-definition LCD touch panels that allow for unlimited, simultaneous touches from fingers, hands for patron to foster interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning.

The Wall spans two and a half stories and is complemented by an immersive audio experience, and features advanced control and analytic systems. The Wall has two zones: A and B. Zone A (the front of the wall) is almost 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide. This front area uses 260 LED screens and 18 high-definition screens with unlimited touch points. Eight computers run the displays and their interactive experience. Zone B (the back of the wall) is 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide. It has seven high-definition screens with unlimited touch points, and is run by four computers.

The Wall features four digital exhibits, which are displayed on a rotating basis across the Wall’s two zones, and all of which are interactive. They include:

Dino Zoo – This exhibit displays scientifically accurate portrayals of dinosaurs in their habitats. Exhibit includes digital activities, an archaeological dig simulator, and an interactive Earth timeline. Guests can touch on a dinosaur (you can even pet it!) to learn more about it.

SimFlow – This virtual wind tunnel simulates air flow as it passes over a static object such as an aerofoil, car, truck, or plane. Guests can choose an object, set its parameters, and watch as smoke and particle effects help to visualize the air movement over the object.

Virtual Reef — The Virtual Reef is a life-sized virtual marine ecosystem that provides an immersive, simulated underwater experience. Customers are invited to learn about the Great Barrier Reef’s unique ecosystem by interacting with tropical fish, eels, and even giant clams.

Carnival – Guests can try their luck at this twist on traditional carnival games like skeeball.

At almost 1,200 square feet, the double-sided LED interactive visual experience consists of a Planar 1.8mm TVF LED solution (344 cabinets), along with 26 MultiTaction MTD-556XNB ultra-narrow bezel touch video wall displays. These displays provide a faster, more accurate touch tracking system than any other touchscreen on the market.

It’s very impressive, but you can’t help wondering how many books could have been added to the collection for that kind of money. Maybe the wall was donor-backed?


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