Invidis Releases 2021 Version Of Its Excellent, EU-Focused Digital Signage Yearbook (And It’s Free)

October 15, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Munich-based digital signage consultancy and publisher Invidis has, for many years, produced an excellent annual report looking at the state of the industry in the European market, and the 2021 version just came out this week. The good news is it is a free download, and there is an English language version along with one in German.

At 166 pages, it is the biggest English language edition of the “yearbook” to date – looking at digital signage, DOOH and Smart City applications.

This year’s version has a particular emphasis on environmental and sustainability issues, aka green signage.

Says Invidis in promoting the yearbook:

For many readers, the Digital Signage Market section is the most important one. With key figures and rankings for integrators, CMS providers and display manufacturers, the yearbook provides a unique insight into the economic dynamics of the industry.
In the Trends section, we look at different developments that shaped the past year – and will shape the years to come. From the hybrid workplace to to LED walls that replace the green screen in film shoots.
In the DooH section, we dive into the digital out-of-home industry. With a focus on the DACH region, we analyze the market and look at the future concepts of Green City and Smart City.

There is no North American version, though that may change in 2022 via input and work from Sixteen:Nine. That’s the plan, at least, but hangs on my getting my act together!

It’s a great resource for any company wanting to look at the EU market and understand its key players and how things break down. While there are defined vertical markets like retail in Europe, market actrivity also breaks down quite a bit by country or region. So you can have companies that are major players in one country – let’s say France – who do very little outside the country.

Follow this link and download the yearbook for free:


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