New Disney Epcot Restaurant Uses LED Video Walls To Create Out-Of-This-World Dining Experience

October 1, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Via CollectSpace

There are a few bars and restaurants that have used video walls and displays designed into the decor to create the sense of being somewhere else, like on a train with the countryside digitally whizzing past. But the Disney people have really stepped up that idea with a new immersive restaurant that puts diners in space.

Called Space 220 and just opened, the new addition to the Mission: SPACE pavilion at Epcot in Orlando uses what I assume are fine pitch LED walls to create views that are, sorry, out of this world. There is also a virtual space elevator that creates the sense of getting to the space station through visuals.

The premise is that diners are at a  space station 220 miles above Earth. Except with gravity, which means your steak will come on a plate, not in a tube.

The Patina Restaurant Group, which operates Space 220, is owned by the same company that runs Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “There was no consultation with NASA,” says Seth Rose, general manager of Space 220 for the Patina Restaurant Group. “The WDI Imagineers were really the brainchild behind the Space 220 concept.”

The bar even has a cocktail based around Tang. Older readers will get that.

No idea who is supplying the displays and software.

Here’s a video tour:

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