Singing Soup Pot At Grocery End Cap Drives Whopping 240% Sales Lift

September 28, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is another project that is not digital signage but speaks to the idea of having fun with in-store displays and content, and not just telling shoppers about promotions and offers.

It comes out of Bolivia (this may be the first Sixteen:Nine post, period, involving Bolivia) and is for the Nestle brand Maggi, a soup product. Instead of a screen at the end-cap, an in-store, interactive POP display startup called Tokinomo created a sensor-activated singing soup pot that has gone viral on Facebook but perhaps more importantly boosted sales by some 240% across selected stores.

Tokinomo uses a sensor-controlled mechanism that lifts the lid of the pot in sync with the music to mimic the pots singing, with a fire effect from lamps under the pot.

The company suggests that traditional in-store POP tactics like cardboard displays, promotions, dump bins, and end caps usually have a 15% – 30% sales lift on average, but says this sort of thing can generate sales uplift by around 200%, without any price reductions on the product that might be more of the reason for lift. 

“Since the pandemic hit, we knew many consumers were nervous and worried when shopping,” says Maria Fernanda Ugalde, Senior Category Marketing Manager at Nestlé. “Times have been challenging, so we wanted to give shoppers something to laugh and smile about while helping retailers sell more of MAGGI’s products. We’re thrilled with the engagement this campaign has created both on and offline and our partnership with Tokinomo. The campaign also added a little touch of magic to the brand and a 240% sales lift in selected stores.”

Again, not digital signage, but a great reminder that having fun and doing things different can have a huge impact. This singing pot would not be the same as a video image on a screen, but there are certainly things sensors and screens can do that would go beyond the oft-done, been-around-forever Lift’n’Learn thing.

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