OpenEye Mixer One Highlight From Upcoming NY Digital Signage Week

September 17, 2021 by Dave Haynes

New York Digital Signage Week is coming up next month in October, and one of the events being touted is a mixer put on by OpenEye Global – under the banner of Experience United Social Club (or XUSC).

Says the NJ-based consulting firm:

On October 13th, we will host a XUSC event called “The Night Cap” at Patent Pending in NYC. Join us alongside our Co-Host DSE for a high-end, intimate cocktail experience inside Nikola Tesla’s basement cocktail lair! This is the New York Digital Signage Week event you can’t miss! Space is limited, and tickets are going fast!

The sponsors are Snap Install, BrightSign and Sagenet and DSE, and the media partner is DailyDOOH, which puts the digital signage week together. Interesting to see Questex take a sposnor position as it spins up its March 2022 reboot of DSE as Digital Signage Experience.

I went to the OpenEye event in NYC a couple of years ago. It was quite something – with an Oktoberfest theme and lederhosen and an oompah band. Very well done. OpenEye founder Bryan Meszaros is slightly nuts ;-]

The NYDSW events are all listed here. Adrian at DailyDOOH does a good job pulling events together into a cohesive “week” of activities. It’s not my thing. I don’t need to see the same biz dev people at multiple cocktail parties, but if networking is mission-critical, there’s certainly lots of opportunity.

Not going. NYC is super expensive, and in the COVID era, I need to first fly to Toronto or Montreal just to get to NYC now. Can’t handle all that traveling fun.

If you are going and have the luxury of things like direct flights, enjoy!



  1. Bryan Meszaros says:

    Thanks Dave for the mention! Hope to see you soon mate!

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Good luck with the event, and yeah, at some point travel will be easier and safer!

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