LG’s Transparent OLEDs Being Used, Somewhat Curiously, In Seoul Parking Garage Windows

September 13, 2021 by Dave Haynes

In a use-case that has probably never crossed the minds of most digital signage people, the operators of an underground parking lot in Seoul are using transparent OLEDs in the windows of the entryways.

LG Display in South Korea announced it is supplying 55-inch OLEDs for interior use by the parking lot of Kakao T Parking in COEX, Samseong-dong, Seoul.

The Korea IT Times reports:

Transparent OLEDs were installed at six main entrances that connect the parking lot and the store. By attaching a panel to an existing glass window to save space, the clear image quality and excellent sense of openness create an effect as if glass is a display.

Visitors can see fresh sights such as welcome greetings using Kakao Mobility brand images through a transparent screen.

LG Display also supplied a 55-inch OLED panel for digital signage for parking lot infotainment systems such as “Kakao T Parking” usage information and customer participatory advertisements.

This supply is to provide a differentiated parking service experience with cutting-edge displays, as Kakao Mobility is nurturing COEX as a city center smart mobility base. COEX is a representative landmark visited by 40 million people annually, and the parking facility is also the largest among domestic buildings.

I would be totally stumped coming up with an ROI model for this, and the content being shown doesn’t help. Transparent OLEDs are NOT cheap. But I think there are a couple of things going on here.

First, COEX is a massive multi-use development that includes shopping, residential, commercial and a convention center. So the foot traffic through there is huge, and a LOT of people would see these displays, including business people going to the convention/exhibition halls.

Second, the COEX name rang a little bell in my head. It is the same development where LG’s mortal enemy Samsung has a massive street-corner LED display – the one that runs those interesting anamorphic illusion digital art pieces developed by d’strict. I am guessing (only) that in the same way that big screen leaves an impression from a COEX visit on consumers, so will the cool see-through displays down in parking.


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