Pattison Does Massive Digital OOH Upgrade At Re-Opened Toronto Billy Bishop Airport

September 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Canadians and some Americans who do (or used to do) a lot of business travel into Toronto may be familiar with Billy Bishop Airport – a relatively small airport that sits on an island just off the Lake Ontario shoreline and walking distance into downtown Toronto.

It sees a fraction of the passenger traffic of Toronto’s main international airport, but in normal times does a lot of turboprop flights from Porter and Air Canada – and the business-oriented passenger profile indexes very nicely for media planners. You can get into Newark, Boston Logan and Chicago Midway via Porter and fly back into Toronto without facing a nightmare drive or taxi ride in from the jumbo airport (there’s also a train).

As the airport now re-opens after months of COVID dormancy, the Canadian media company Pattison Outdoor has made a big investment in screens at Billy Bishop – whose operators used the lockdown period to do major renovations.

Now Pattison has big LED displays and large-format LCD single displays and tiled video walls in the both the pre and post-security areas. It’s pretty interesting because most airports this small would NEVER see this level of DOOH display investment, and the relatively small footprint of the terminal means screens have a big impact.

Billy Bishop, for history buffs, was a WW1 flying ace for the Royal Flying Corps, who was awarded the Victoria Cross, which is similar to the US Congressional Medal of Honor.

Here’s a video that introduces the new investment by Pattison:


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