Global LED Display Sales Have Bounced Back After Big 2020 COVID-era Decline: Omdia

September 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The LED video display market appears to be almost fully recovered from the big activity dip recorded in the middle of 2020, as the pandemic really took hold.

The research firm Omdia has kindly put out some snippets from its ongoing industry tracking work, via Linkedin, that suggest  the industry saw 17.8% Quarter on Quarter growth in square meter sales in Q2 2021, and 44.7% compared with Q2 2020.

Omdia analyst Tay Taehoon Kim suggests that “since the record is 21.1% growth against 2Q19, the entire global LED video display market seems to have almost fully recovered to its pre-COVID-19 size. However, the growth in each region reveals a completely different story. All regions except China experienced negative growth in 2Q21 comparing to 2Q19. China recorded a 59% share, and North America followed in 2Q21.”

Three major Chinese brands – Leyard, Unilumin, and Absen – contributed to the growth in China, and Daktronics aided the recovery in North America.

In terms of market share in fine pixel pitch, the three major Chinese companies comprised the top three; however, when limited to regions excluding China, Samsung rose to second place and LGE to fourth.

The full report is behind a subscriber paywall, linked here:

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