Raydiant, Barvanna Partner On Streamed Digital Signage And DOOH Content

September 8, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Silicon Valley-area digital signage CMS startup Raydiant has announced a content partnership with another start-up called Barvanna, making streamed sports, entertainment, and trivia content available for businesses, bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and public spaces.

The Barvanna content will be available as an add-on app with Raydiant’s platform.

“As a customer experience platform provider, we’ve long been aware of the overwhelming sales power of in-location entertainment,” says Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. “Barvanna’s high-energy streaming network is the perfect complement to Raydiant’s robust platform. This new offering gives our brick-and-mortar customers a fresh stream of dynamic and engaging entertainment that keeps customers shopping, dining, and spending money at their locations.”

“We’ve had incredible feedback from our customers after implementing Barvanna,” says Barvanna CEO Sean Riley. “Some of our restaurant and bar customers have reported as much as a 15% increase in beverage sales! Partnering with Raydiant, a company known for creating high-impact customer experiences, just seemed like the natural next step.”

Barvanna started in Trinidad, based on the desire of liquor brands to find new ways to market drinks inside licensed establishments. The company also has its own play-out box that can attach to TVs.

The Barvanna name obviously implies the core focus is places that sell booze, but as is the case with UPshow in Chicago, content that works in one environment might also works in others. Barvanna would compete with companies like Chive, which provides content streams based on a lot of user-generated videos and other social content.

This makes sense for Raydiant, giving end-users another targeted content option to use with its cloud CMS.

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