Quite Possibly The Best LED Lobby Install Done To Date

September 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

More and more property owners or anchor tenants for office towers are using vast LED video walls to make a statement in their lobbies, but this is an interesting twist on that approach – dealing with a wide but relatively shallow lobby depth by extending the LED displays across the ceiling.

This is in Madrid – the “Media Art Hall” of a new build in the center of the city. The creative tech firm Instronic says it “designed an immersive experience in the lobby to give it a unique and iconic visual identity. The intervention aims to transform the entrance area of the building into an inspiring physical environment that seduces visitors and tenants.”

The building for the client Aqua (not sure what they do) was promoted by RKV (not sure what promoted means) and was designed by the architect Pedro Sentieri (got that one!). It has 10 floors and is located in the Plaza Castilla area. The wall is 71 meters (233 feet) long.

Instronic has a terrific online case study up that gets into all the thinking, details and execution. The company is one of too few that really take the time to explore what was done and why, in images and animations. There’s also this great video (below).

There are four different content blocks: “With water as the common thread, the content proposal was divided into four blocks: Flow, Nature, Underwater and Textures. From an artistic point of view, the content tries to join the visitor in the tour of the hall combining a contemplative and immersive language.”

Quite possibly the best LED lobby install and creative plans I have seen to date. I may have to take a side trip to Madrid (darn!) once in Spain and Barcelona for ISE … assuming we’re much further along in clobbering COVID.

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