Navori Labs Acquires Software Side of French Tech Firm Innes

September 7, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Swiss CMS software firm Navori Labs has acquired the software business and goodwill of a French firm, Innes, that has been selling a similar software solution focused on business and government-based workplace communications.

Innes, which has been around since 2005, has almost 30,000 screens using its PlugnCast software, mainly in France and Germany.

Navori Labs says it sees the deal as a way to broaden its reach, particularly in France. The European digital signage market is interesting in that it can be very country-specific, with many companies strong in their home nations but not doing much in other countries. Some of that is, of course, based on language.

From the end of 2021, says Navori, it will offer a new range of dynamic display solutions designed for the mass market, through a Navori team based in France and working in partnership with Innes’ established network of distributors and retailers. The new Navori QL Express software will integrate all the functionalities specific to Innes. It will be available in the form of cloud subscriptions, hosted in France, and perpetual licences, self-hosted by the user. If they wish, users of PlugnCast software will be able to upgrade their Innes player with Navori QL software, on preferential terms.

Existing Innes PlugnCast users will be able to tap into smart displays – Navori is compatible with Samsung, LG, and Philips smart displays – and use Navori’s newly introduced Aquaji analytics solution, which is based on AI and computer vision.

“We were impressed by the quality and reliability of Innes’ hardware,” says Jérôme Moeri, Chairman, CEO and founder of Navori Labs. “The two companies will collaborate on the development of innovative solutions and their international promotion through the network of offices established for over ten years in Europe, America and Asia.”

The integration period is expected to fully require about a year.

Franck Dupin, President of Innes, says his team will now be “be able to concentrate on the development of our (media player) hardware business while at the same time ensuring continuity of support and maintenance of PlugnCast software for our clients, as well as support for the transition to Navori QL.”

Very interesting. I don’t know much about Innes, but did know – in speaking with Moeri – that he was looking at growth through acquisition.


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