That Giant Mirror Ball In Vegas Is Built With LED Triangles

September 3, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Readers may recall a post earlier in the week about the new Resorts World casino-resort in Las Vegas, and the 50-foot sphere in a big common area.

There was no information I could find that got into what it was and how it works, so I was thinking everything from projection from outside or inside, or maybe LED film???

Turns out it is LED, done in triangular modules that allow it conform to the spherical shape. I am not sure about how the mirror happens, but thinking that’s a custom substrate that is dark but shiny, instead of just black.

This pic was taken by an industry friend who knows his way around LED, and noted it was reminiscent – in terms of the triangle – of some of the components for a digital art display at a big shopping complex in Dallas.

He thinks these triangles might be from SiliconCore. I have zero idea.

But would like to see both of these beasts at some point!




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