Full Building Brand Experience Goal Of Re-opened Kia 360 In Seoul

August 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Invidis for tipping me on this …

The South Korean car manufacturer Kia has redesigned and reopened a dedicated brand experience building in Seoul, dubbed Kia 360 and filled with digital displays that showcase its vehicles, as well as mobility solutions.

The space was previously known as BEAT360, but having the brand name in the title makes some obvious sense.

The signature digital piece in the 1,900 square meters space is a big, white sculpture/arch/thingie that architects would reference by a proper name, with a vehicle backed by what I assume is a very large fine pitch, curved video wall.

There are also interactive walls, big branding video walls, and at least one ribbon strip I can see in photos.

“Kia 360 is a venue illuminating the purpose of Kia’s new branding: Creating the space and time that inspire our customers to bring their ideas to real life,” says Artur Martins, SVP and Head of the Global Brand and Customer Experience Division at Kia. “We invite visitors to immerse themselves in Kia360’s interactive and communicative displays and catch a glimpse of Kia’s new direction for providing clean and sustainable mobility solutions, as well as stylish mobility lifestyles.”

The interior comprises three experientials zones: the Brand & Design Zone, the EV Life Zone and the Kia User Zone. The three zones are connected to each other, enabling visitors to appreciate their diverse exhibits with ease and in sequential order.

In particular, there are interactive digital contents that respond to the movement of visitors, providing an immersive opportunity to envisage the future mobility lifestyles in engaging and amusing ways.

Furthermore, in line with the contact-free trend amid the pandemic, visitors can receive general information about Kia360 from digital kiosks, as well as the floor guide from their smartphones using the QR code.

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