Prague’s SignageOS Bolsters Americas Presence By Bringing On Industry Vet Arnett

August 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I don’t usually do posts about new hires because analytics suggest not a lot of people care, other than the people hired and their new masters. But I’ll note this one, as it reflects a European company bringing on a familiar face to more effectively project itself into the US and Canadian markets.

Prague-based SignageOS has hired Michael Arnett as its newly-minted VP Sales for the Americas. His gig will be explaining the company’s unique value proposition and building up awareness and partnerships.

Transplanted to the Toronto area from Montreal a few years ago, Mike’s a big sports fan and card collector. I’ve been out having adult beverages with him and he’s excitedly pulled out cards to show me and … I think he’s been disappointed by my indifference. It’s a world as foreign to me as ballroom dancing or competitive bridge.

Anyway, SignageOS gets a great guy, who is very well connected in the ecosystem. He most recently worked with STRATACACHE and Scala in a similar role.

SignageOS, for those unfamiliar, does the interesting work of creating and steadily keeping current a middleware platform that bridges CMS platforms with all the smart display platforms out there. So, for example, if a CMS company is chasing a job that requires it works with LG webOS-based displays, but don’t have that in place, the CMS company could:

Mike started a few weeks back but the company is just now making noise about it.

The SignageOS people are nice folks. They were bringing me bottles of Czech fire water to DSE to hand to me. Eye-popping stuff! After 20 minutes or so my vision returned.

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