Telelogos Integrates CMS With Business Systems Giant SAP

July 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

There are numerous digital signage CMS software companies heavily focused now on workplaces as their key vertical, and increasingly you are seeing direct partnerships or joint ventures between companies that have different angles for getting at new business.

One particularly interesting way is to partner and integrate with one of the big tech companies that provide the core business systems for major corporations – since those platforms tend to have a lot of mechanisms to enable and manage external applications like signage.

So I was intrigued by word that the French CMS firm Telelogos has worked out a partnership that sees its Media4Display smart dashboarding/digital signage solution ERP giant SAP’s online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings.

Says the PR:

By integrating with SAP S/4HAN, SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence and SAP Plant Connectivity, Media4Display offers a new critical communication channel to help corporations improve worker engagement at the shop floor and in the warehouses.

With Media4Display running on top of a user’s SAP solution on the backend and broadcasting critical information through networks of head-up/head-down displays, industrial directors, production engineers, IT managers and internal communication executives can improve productivity and safety by:

In their accelerated digital transformation, manufacturing companies face a new challenge: that of easing the interactions between operators and their Industry 4.0 back-end solutions. With our Media4Display solution now available on SAP Store, we are enabling customers to put their workers at the center of their digital transformation processes by providing the right information to the right people at the right time,” says Christophe Justeau, president of Telelogos.

The integration blends the Telelogos CMS with Hivestack’s SSP/ad server. Content from publishers gets managed locally on the displays in a way that limits the real time requests to only contain the broadcasting conditions.

I think this is smart – as there are some very large companies like SAP and the tech wings of big consulting companies that are well established in the business processes of large corporations. It would seem easier to crack those jumbo opportunities if you have access via a huge partner, as opposed to working gradually up the ladder. I don’t know anyone at Salesforce but kind of wonder why the company doesn’t have a signage component for its KPI dashboards, or a partner that could make that happen. There are a few companies in the signage sector talking up Microsoft Power BI integrations.

Based an hour or two outside of Paris, Telelogos is not all that well known in North America but has a big footprint globally, with about 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses deployed in more than 50 countries.

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