Netflix Mashes Up Reactive Street-Level LED Billboard To Scare The Crap Out Of Milanese

July 27, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Damian Rezner at Warsaw’s Screen Network for referencing this on Linkedin.

This is a pop-up marketing display in Milan for a horror series on Netflix – using a blend of an LED display, sensors and live actors to scare the crap out of people walking past.

Set up as a plaza level billboard, optical sensors track people walking past and has a sinister-looking demon stalk them using reactive coding (I assume – this sort of motion tracking thing has been done for 15+ years). If people passing by keep on going just past the end of the display, an actor in the same garb jumps out.

I like the mash-up of digital and live. Quite clever and the sort of thing that generates buzz. But these digital pranks also make me nervous when it comes to injuries. It’s going to be fine making a 22-year-old jump and maybe trip. He or she will bounce back up. Scare the crap out of a 72-year-old and you might be talking broken hip.

That said, the guy at 1:15 on this video looks like a plant. His reaction’s a bit over the top.

  1. Tim Vance says:

    Good way to get a round-house clock to the jaw and a tackle from a 55-year-old.

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