The Olympics Are Finally Live. Here’s Where You Can Grab Content For Digital Signage Screens

July 23, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The opening ceremonies for the Tokyo Olympics are on at the moment, and for the next couple of weeks there will be endless information being generated from the event about results and achievements.

At least a couple of companies in the digital signage and digital OOH industries have developed specialized content for the big event – though quite distinct from one another.

Wovenmedia has developed a kinda sorta free content offer for the games, with network operators – existing customers or not – able to download up to 20 free video files that are built from licensed, good-to-go content from NBC Sports.

Users can pick the content up from the San Francisco company’s video library. After 20, they can buy additional content if they choose. Network operators can poke around and download those first 20 without leaving a credit card on file.

The Olympics are monumentally sticky about the use of its brand and content, but NBC is the main US broadcaster, so the material that’s available via Wovenmedia is all cleared.

Screenfeed has a dedicated subscription feed based on results and news coming out of the event. The automated feed has a medal count, news about athletes and results.

I poked around the sites of Data Call, Digichief and Seenspire – who all have different spins on subscription content for digital signage. None have dedicated feeds or libraries that I could see, but they all do sports feeds from news wire services, so news and scores are very likely in there.

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