Uniguest Integrates Its JANUS CMS With Ungerboeck’s Event Tech Platform

July 20, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hospitality-focused Uniguest has announced it has completed a software integration that pairs its JANUS interactive CMS with the event technology platform marketed and operated by Ungerboeck.

The latter, also a US company with offices in numerous countries, supports a platform described as providing a beginning-to-end CRM, space booking, event planning and communications, order management, exhibition management, catering, registration, a/v arrangements and financials.

The driver behind the integration is much like what’s happened in other vertical markets that have been adopting and using digital signage software: integrate systems and their data so that the people running things and updating messaging aren’t doing similar things twice, and being forced to use different systems to do that.

“The partnership between Ungerboeck and Uniguest allows event managers to do their job in the system they’re used to working in and enables them to automate the information so venue attendees can stay up to date,” says Phil Sherer, Director of Technical Solutions for Ungerboeck.

Says the PR:

Event details change almost daily, and in order to reflect those changes on the digital displays, the client has to enter the same detail change twice: first in the Ungerboeck platform, then in Uniguest’s JANUS Content Management Software.

This was a cumbersome process that required extra work and extra time from the event staff along with a higher risk of error occurring with the second entry or step being forgotten altogether.

JANUS had partnered with Ungerboeck to integrate the event management software with the content management software for the digital displays. Working together, an interface was developed in which all of the event data hosted on the Ungerboeck platform is pushed directly through the JANUS CMS to the displays on the client’s property. 

“The interface created by this partnership allows clients to change any data mappings or configurations and generates an updated data feed in real time which is quickly reflected on the display boards,” says Matt Goche, COO at Uniguest. “With only one data entry point needed the workflow is significantly simplified.

“Implementing an automatic data feed from Ungerboeck to JANUS has had a great impact on service offering to clients. They appreciate not having to manually update event details every time a change is made.”

With the exception of what an industry friend calls simple signage – basic messaging that doesn’t change all that often – integrating data between systems is not only a huge time and cost saver, but it enables near-immediacy in messaging, and ups accuracy. If the number is right in one system, it will be right in the other – automatically.

Uniguest acquired JANUS back in February.

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