Manchester’s Airport Opens T2; Passengers Welcomed With Giant Display

July 15, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Manchester, England’s airport opened its new Terminal 2 today, and it is filled with the kinds of operational digital signage typical at airports, but there’s also a very nice 81-square meter media wall in a common passengers area.

I can’t tell from the pix if it is LED or LCD. I assume LED, but the gridlines in another photo suggest gridlines. They might well be in the creative, though.

It’s a nice-looking space. Here’s a fly-thru video:

  1. Robert Heise says:

    The ‘gridlines’ seem to be a creative choice to show the screen as an old-fashioned ‘split flap’ board.

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    Hi Dave.

    Just to confirm this is 2.5mm pixel pitch LED installed, designed, fabricated and installed by us at ADXBA.

    We’ve been working with Manchester Airport Group and their associated partners on the new terminal project for over 3 years (and have been working with MAG for over a decade now) and have been involved on digital aspects throughout the new terminal.

    Thanks for picking this up!

    Jim (MD @ ADXBA)

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