Giant Digital Cat Looms Over Exit To World’s Busiest Subway Station

July 5, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Here’s another wraparound LED board on a building corner that’s using creative that does an anamorphic illusion – this time in Tokyo.

Called Cross Shinjuku Vision, the P6 DOOH ad board is on a rounded corner of a new building above the east exit of Shinjuku Station, which handles 3.5 million people PER DAY (you are reading that correctly).

The illusion is a bit different from other ones I’ve noted because the display has a softer, rounded corner, as opposed to the hard 90-degree corners on displays in China and South Korea. But the same viewing thing applies – in that the illusion is only really evident from a specific angle off the corner.

If this sort of thing is new to you, it’s useful to understand:

Industry contacts have mentioned numerous times how potential customers and even resellers have asked if specific LED display products are engineered to support this, but it’s in the talent of the designer and the output file, not the hardware. Most of these thing use corners, but an illusion doesn’t necessarily need that.

My Japanese is non-existent so I am not sure if the ad spot – a teaser that ties in a cat in some way – is already live, or starting July 12th. The YouTube livecam feed suggests it is not officially on for a few more days.

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