Purina Puts Some 200 Lift And Learn Digital End Caps In US Midwest Groceries

June 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is an interactive end-cap for big box stores that uses sensors and a touch screen, as well as print graphics, to get shoppers learning more about a line of pet food products.

Ther end-caps are in some 200 supermarkets in the US midwest, in a program for Purina put together by the NYC-based interactive retail marketing firm Perch.

There is nothing terribly new here, as heaps of digital signage solutions and merchandising companies have shown touchscreens and sensor-triggered content on screens for 15 years and more.

But Perch always does a nice job with this sort of thing because they make the content, creative and UX the star, not the technology.

In this set-up, sensors read when a package is picked up and flash content on the screen. The navigation on the screen allows users to “drill down” for information on that specific product.

The one challenge I see with this is that the end-cap has limited SKUs on shelves and the bags of dry pet food are big. It would not take long, at all, for the shelves to be depleted, as shoppers lift/learn/walk away with product. You can’t lift up and learn about something that’s been removed.

This link has a video on it to show the process.

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