Store-filling LED Wall Lights Up Chocolate Ship in Schiphol Airport

June 14, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Big DV LED video walls in retail are growing increasingly common, but in many cases the visual impact is limited by the sheer size of the store. Here’s a case where the LED is almost as big as the store, so it has a massive visual impact.

It is the new Tony’s Chocolonely store post-security at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, and the display is used for branding and a mechanism for pulling people and their roller bags into the shop.

The travel retail-focused Moodie Davitt Report has a pile of photos and background on the install.

I like it because of the unmissable scale of the wall, and the use of big, bold and simple graphics that take a billboard approach to the display, which makes sense given the airport concourse is a walking highway and a lot of people will see this, even if they don’t stop in.

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