Workplaces Reworked Special Report Now Available For Free Download

June 10, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Workplace was already a major vertical market for the digital signage industry prior to COVID-19, and even though the pandemic has triggered rethinks and reboots on where and how we all work and collaborate, just about everything suggests digital signage technologies will continue to be a key to impactful workplace communications.

While home offices will grow much more common, most research suggests offices will still be the active hubs for many to most companies. Those offices just might not work and look the way they did pre-pandemic.

Remote and home offices will be where people put their heads down and get things done. Offices will be more about collaboration, interaction and mentoring. There will probably be a lot of people working off hybrid arrangements – coming in when they need or want to, and in many cases working at stations assigned to them just for that day.

Whether a conventional office or a more industrial setting, there will be a lot of change, a lot of it ongoing. That makes the need for communications that are highly visible, hard to ignore, timely, relevant and useful. Nothing will do that more effectively than digital signage displays.

As vaccines get into billions of arms, and we hopefully get back to a different normal, there are countless businesses of all sizes sorting out what to do going forward. So Sixteen:Nine has developed another special report, on the heels of one produced about Direct View LED back in January.

This one is called Workplace Reworked: How Digital Signage and Display Technology Drives Post-COVID Working Environments. It’s a free download and is available now. I started out thinking 20-25 pages, but this stretched way out to 81 pages. The download-ready, easily-printed PDF goes into the key research findings about changing working styles and attitudes, and gets into the technologies that come into play, as well as where they are best applied.

The report also gets into an area I think is being missed by a lot of companies trying to sell solutions into workplace environments. Almost all of the focus of the digital signage industry has been on white collar environments, and very little attention has been directed to industrial and production environments, where there is a LOT of fast-changing information to convey, and messaging for things like health and safety is especially important.

Healthcare is also being largely overlooked as companies focus on marketing solutions to office environments.

The report incldes guest posts from numerous companies, including Samsung, ESI Design, Futuresource Consulting, Screenfeed, Telemetry TV, Screencloud, Mvix and Intuiface.

The report is editorially neutral, as in past reports. But like past reports, it came together with the help of sponsors. In this case, Samsung is the sole sponsor the Workplace Reworked. The report was a lot of work, so the support was important to justify the time invested.

There are no strings attached to downloads. Just click and grab the file. I don’t need your email, but I certainly welcome feedback. Just click on the download link here …



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