Workplace Special Report Coming Next Week

June 4, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Look for another Sixteen:Nine Special Report early next week – this one an 80-pager (really) that drills down into how digital signage fits into workplaces that are, or will soon be, re-populating in countries where vaccines and other efforts are knocking down COVID-19.

The report looks at what’s expected, societal attitudes and how the technology will be applied.

There was a sense when the pandemic hit that the office as we knew it was dead, and everyone would be working from home. Sixteen or so months in, it’s clear the path forward is more about hybrid working arrangements. Offices will still be the focal point for companies, but significant percentages of the workforce may only come in part of the time, and stat at home on days when they’re just keeping their head down and knocking stuff out.

Why go through an ugly commute and everything associated with that if your plan for the day is dealing with a bunch of tasks that could be done anywhere?

Much has changed, and arrangements are evolving, as are circumstances. The best way to communicate change effectively is a signage network that’s always on and hard to ignore. That’s in offices, shared workspaces and in industrial settings.

The report, just like previous ones, is a free, no-strings-attached download. I won’t ask for your email. Just click and save and read when you have time. 80 pages is admittedly a lot, but it is broken into chunks and there are several guest articles in there from companies who kindly shared their thoughts.

The last Special Report from Sixteen:Nine was on direct view LED. That one has had almost 1,100 downloads since its release in January.

Look for the report Monday or Tuesday.

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