LA Office Tower Lobby Adds Experiential LED Video Wall Fronted By Perforated Metal Sheet

May 24, 2021 by Dave Haynes

LED video walls in office tower lobbies are growing increasingly common as a combination of experiential marketing tool and tenant amenity, but I haven’t seen one done like this – lower resolution LED motion graphics behind a huge sheet of perforated metal.

The new digital art installation to the lobby of 800 North Brand Boulevard, a 21-story, 530,000 square foot office building in Glendale, CA (north LA).

The project was done by the LA creative studio StandardVision, in collaboration with ESI Design, an NBBJ studio. Also involved: metal fabricator The Scenic Route (“TSR”), Cushman & Wakefield, and Stanhope Company Contractors.

Says a case study:

The lobby’s experience design transformation, by ESI Design, includes custom media lighting technology which StandardVision was pleased to support through technical consultation, specification, and fabrication. The display consists of wall-mounted LED modules nestled between standoffs which hold a continuous acrylic sheet and perforated metal panel.

A mockup scope helped to define the final apertures, materiality, LED-to-diffuser distance, and resolution capabilities to display ESI’s Design’s algorithmic digital art. Both mockup and installation phases were completed in close collaboration with ESI Design, StandardVision and TSR, who also designed and fabricated the perforated metal enclosure and surrounding finish work.

As part of StandardVision’s end-to-end technology scope, the StandardVision team also deployed their proprietary hardware-software CMS solution SVRunner for ESI’s media artwork. While also employing a variety of dynamic rules-based and creative scheduling tools, StandardVision worked closely with ESI Design to develop a workflow to tailor SVRunner’s programming capabilities to ESI’s creative vision on the project.

ESI has done low-rez video walls in buildings using a diffusion film to create a softened, gauzey effects to the visuals. This is a very different approach, but realizes similar objectives in terms of evergreen creative that doesn’t really have an expiry date.

The laser-perf’d metal sheet also has the effect of absolutely protecting the LEDs from bumps and scrapes that could happen in a lobby, behind a reception counter.

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