Watch This Great Animation Showing How LED On Film Goes In Shop Windows

May 20, 2021 by Dave Haynes

One of the reasons that LED display manufacturers have turned to bundled products and fixed sizes is that they say the pro AV ecosystem, as a whole, is still somewhat unfamiliar with the technology and how it goes together.

So they struggle to sell something they don’t totally understand – given all the references to pitches and diodes and modules and cabinets and on and on.

Simplifying the product so that people just order by size and pitch is one way to get over it.

But here’s a company doing what seems like a fantastic job showing partners and end-users specifically how their product comes together and is installed.

This is a video I found on Linkedin for the UK wing of the Swedish display firm SwedX. It’s an animation that very effectively shows how transparent film with embedded LEDs gets applied as strips on a storefront window. It shows how it goes on, how the strips of film line up and connect, and what the set-up looks like from the front and rear.

Someone could watch this and in less than 90 seconds have a decent grasp on what’s involved, and therefore be able to sell it or explain it to colleagues.

Maybe this exists for conventional LED walls, showing how modules roll up into cabinets, and how cabinets stack and tile, and so on. It would be VERY helpful to a lot of small to medium AV and IT firms that don’t have much experience yet with LED video walls.

Fixed-size bundles can suit a subset of needs, like smaller areas and conference facilities. But LED really hits its stride when it can be built in a way that works with the shape and dimensions of a room or larger space.

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