Display Week: Start-up Brelyon Shows Perceived 122-Inch Viewing Canvas On 32-Inch Screen

May 19, 2021 by Dave Haynes

In my virtual wander along the exhibitor aisles of SID Display Week, I am looking for display tech that is either a big advance on what’s already out there, or very different.

I came across a Silicon Valley start-up called Brelyon that has an immersive display that delivers an immersive virtual reality experience, without the goofy-looking, uncomfortable headset.

Looking a bit like a giant VR headset, or soundbar that got left out in the sun and expanded, the Brelyon immersive display purports to provide viewers with a view that equates to a 122-inch display in a 32-inch form factor monitor.

Says the company:

Brelyon’s immersive display is the world’s first virtual display that provides an alternative to both PC multi-monitor setups and more stationary applications of VR headsets, offering a massive 101-degree field of view at a crisp 4k-8k resolution in a compact form factor that does not require the user to wear any headgear or be fixed in a limited location. The experience is fully backward compatible and can replace an array of up to ten tiled 24” monitors.

I’m not even going to try to explain how it works, because I’m not bright enough. But think of a desktop monitor that has some depth to it (instead of being flat and skinny) that a user would view at pretty close range, and almost look into the screen. The display image is set back, increasing the field of view.

Or something like that.

Brelyon says its “proprietary depth modulation and lightfield expansion technologies work together to create a massive field of view and provide true optical depth, generating an immersive panoramic virtual screen that engulfs the viewer.”

There’s a good video on the Display Week site, but I can’t link to it or embed, or find it elsewhere.

What would you do with this? The attraction to gamers is obvious, but you could imagine this being used in work situations for rabid multi-taskers or for things like simulators or control of things like aerial drones for the military.

I don’t see a pure digital signage or DOOH application – museums and attractions, maybe – but based on the networking function on the Display Week site, one of the biggest media companies on the planet asked to have a chat with the Brelyon people … so they saw something.

No idea on price, even though you can pre-order off the website.

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