Hamburg Pop-Up Bike Store Uses LCD Video Wall To Drive Specialized Brand

May 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

LED gets all the attention for video walls these days, but there are still retail projects going in that take advantage of the lower cost and resolution of narrow bezel LCD displays.

This is a pop-up store in Hamburg, Germany, run by Concept Cycles but built for the premium partner brand Specialized.

The 300 sq. meter pop-up in northern Germany took over the ground floor of an empty old hotel block, using displays to generate excitement for a range of bikes that are priced between $2,400 and $16,500.

The pop-up showroom is dedicated exclusively to showcasing Specialized product, and uses 17 PPDS (Philips) professional displays.

Says the PR:

Working alongside local retail AV integration specialist, P.O.S. Television GmbH, Concept-Cycles spared no expense in fulfilling its ambition, with PPDS the standout choice in bringing the dusty 100m-long ground floor of a former hotel, built in 1910, to life.

Remarkably completed and opened in just over three weeks, the pop up showroom features 17 Philips professional displays, ranging from 24” to 75”, placed and mounted strategically throughout the store (including from the ceiling), ensuring maximum exposure and impact.

This includes high-brightness digital signage displays (Philips H-Line) placed in the shop front to captivate customer attention from outside the store, with the screens built for 24/7 use and capable of displaying content in any light condition.

Inside the store, a vibrant, 9-screen videowall (Philips X-Line, 49”) was installed to bring an immediate ‘wow factor’ to entering customers, with the store displaying inspiring and informative content in up to 4K, which can be managed and controlled entirely remotely. With PPDS’ failOver, the Philips displays will always remain active, with content able to be backed-up and available in case of a primary source outage.

For customers wishing to do their own research in store, a digital touchscreen kiosk (Philips T-Line, 24”) was also installed to offer more tailored product information based on their own needs.

To comply with Covid-19 regulations and to reduce potential concerns of returning customers, the store was also fitted with PeopleCount — PPDS’ exclusive digital customer entrance management solution, which automatically monitors and manages capacity, by using intelligent camera technology and a traffic light system on a display (Philips D-Line, 43”) to alert customers and staff when it is safe to enter.

This complete suite of solutions from PPDS has already resulted in outstanding sales results, with the store fulfilling Concept’s ambitions on becoming the world’s first cycling store to combine state of the art equipment with a personal experience tailored for each customer.

As you can see from the photo, narrow bezel LCD can work just fine for video walls, given the right content and set-up. Seamless is wonderful, but that has to be balanced against total cost – especially in the case of a pop-up that may or may not be permanent.

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