Gaudi Fans Get Immersed In Architect’s Genius In Six-Sided LED Cube Room

May 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to AV Magazine for noting this …

Casa Batlló, a museum in Barcelona dedicated to Antoni Gaudí (the Sagrada Familia is his most famous work), has a new exhibition that gets into the mind of the architect.

It’s showpiece is a roughly 30 foot square room with a 10 foot ceiling that is all clad in 1.95mm direct view LED cabinets. That includes the floor and ceiling.

The six internal faces are 243 sq. meters of custom-designed Alfalite LED panels. The company also designed in an automatic door mechanism.

The cube, reports AV, forms part of the 10D Experience, a new exhibition which offers a journey into the mind of Gaudí using the most advanced technology. Content for the cube was provided by the Turkish-American artist Refik Anadol, with systems integration by Vitelsa.

More details here …

These kinds of immersive experiences are growing increasingly common around the globe, as attractions for locals and tourists. Denys Lavigne, best known as the head of Arsenal Media, has launched on in Montreal called Oasis Immersion. But they all use projection mapping.

This is LED, including the floor. I have seen numerous low rez LED dance floors and staircase steps at trade shows, but I can’t recall seeing a sub 2mm fine pitch people can walk on.

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