Display Week: Need A Bigger Desktop Monitor? How About A 89-Inch Curved MicroLED?

May 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I am looking at a big, curved monitor as I type this, and while it seemed crazily large when I first got it, I’ve had it long enough now to vaguely think, “I’d maybe get something bigger if I could.”

I would not, for example, say no to getting a real-world version of this prototype being touted at SID Display Week by the Taiwan microLED supplier PlayNitride. It had already demo’d the monitor at Touch Taiwan.

The company’s virtual stand has a video for a 89-inch (yup) curved ultra-ultra-wide microLED desktop monitor. It is 5K and has a pixel pitch of 0.43mm, which is super-fine.

The monitor does 2,000 nits (so you can get a tan while you work) and is made from 168 tiled modules. It has a 2,500mm radius, so it starts to wrap around your workstation.

PlayNitride is a microLED supplier and not a display manufacturer, so don’t think you can pick up the phone and buy five. It would also cost as much as a sports car, I think, if it was a product for sale.

It would fit my corner desk, however … so if someone wants to send me a sample … ;-]

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