Burnley’s Historic Football Venue Getting Massive LED Upgrade

May 18, 2021 by Dave Haynes

There are lots of examples of huge, buzzworthy LED displays going up in new sports venues – over the pitch and in some cases being all or much of the facade.

Here’s a very different kind of project – involving a more than 140-year-old venue and a mid-tier English Premier League football team that doesn’t have anywhere near the budget of the big clubs that are owned by Russian oligarchs or Arab royalty.

This is a video (at bottom) showing what’s planned for Turf Moor, the home grounds of Burnley, which is in Lancashire, north of Manchester. The grounds have been in continuous use since 1883.

The integrator ADI has a video showing more than 1,100 sq. meters of LED tech across more than 30 different screens. The content is to be created and managed by ADI’s in-house production team and delivered over a fiber network from ADI’s studios.

I like this because a lot of thought would have to go into what to do and what to spend – more so than the big London and Manchester clubs that have massive budgets and global followings. This project, by comparison, works with the historic grounds and starts the fan engagement and story-telling on the outside in practical ways.

There’s a big replay board in a corner, but a lot of this is ribbon-boards over entry areas that do all the game day information stuff that fans want.

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