Coca-Cola Using LED Ribbon Strips To Drive In-Store Marketing In Moscow Grocery

This is an in-aisle merchandising set-up used by Coca-Cola in a supermarket chain in Russia.

It is installed in┬áPerekrestok (Crossroad, in English), in a mall in Moscow’s central business district. I don’t know whose LED ribbons are being used, but the CMS and play-out engine is the Swiss firm SpinetiX.

A couple of things:

  • I have LED shelf-edge strips for several years now, and while they tended to look pretty shabby because of the pixel pitches being used, this looks quite good. You will certainly get a crisper image and the ability to show text by using LCD strips instead, but for brand messaging, this appears to work;
  • This Coca-Cola project is likely a good example of the way forward for this sort of thing. I don’t see many grocery operators investing in this technology on spec, but big consumer brands who already get preferred positions in supermarkets might budget and adopt this kind of technology to get an in-store marketing edge.

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