Seoul Urban Shopping Mall Uses Digital Displays To Attract Attention, Draw In Shoppers

May 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

This is a seriously spruced-up entryway to an urban shopping plaza in Seoul, blending LED and LCD with ambient visuals.

The M Plaza shopping mall refurbishment was led by the Spanish creative shop Necsum Trison – with a goal of making the entrance to the shopping center more striking for people on the high street. Like a lot of shopping and dining in Asian mega-cities, there is a narrow entry at the street level that broadens out on upper floors. But at street level, a mall entryway can easily look like a bazillion other office and building lobbies and stairwells.

Once inside, says Necsum Trison in describing the project, the visual linearity accompanies the visitor, where technology is mixed with warm wood materials and lighting details. To enhance the ascent to the upper floors and create a welcoming but elegant entrance, subtle contents have been developed that play with the finishes.

Technical details are limited, but a Necsum Trison contact told me the project uses both direct view LED and LCD under a special glass system that the company has patented.

Very nice.

The building, if you are in or get to Seoul, is the M Plaza shopping center on Myeongdong Street.

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