Ford Patents Method To Scan DOOH Billboards, Push Versions Of Ads To Dashboard Screens

May 12, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Auto manufacturer Ford has patented a method and apparatus for using AI-driven pattern detection to read digital billboards on highways, using the on-board sensors in new vehicles that are there for safety purposes.

The concept has vehicles that are scanning the roadway for things like speed limit and other traffic control signs, as well as roadway edges and lines, could also look for things like billboard ads for burgers or pizza, and then build and trigger an ad on a dashboard screen.

The patent filing says the on-board safety camera/sensors would scan the landscape, capture and interpret billboard images, and then generate a “billboard interface” that would appear on the dashboard screen used for infotainment and GPS.

Ford is saying it gets patents on all kinds of things, but that doesn’t mean the tech is being baked into new products.

This SEEMS like one of those things that has a nugget of potential, but would not happen as presented with this. It would certainly be distracting (not that the screens aren’t already).

Where it could be interesting is for notifications and confirmations – like temporary detour notifications and escape route guidance for emergencies like hurricanes, and maybe order confirmations in a drive-thru?

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    I think just before “End” is “Stab on board display with a screwdriver”.

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