Shoppers Pass Through 20-Meter LED Tunnel To Get Into Flashy New Sydney Food Hall

May 11, 2021 by Dave Haynes

Photo: Kimberley Low

In another sign that direct view LED is mainstreaming as a display option, here is a digital tunnel for a travelator – one of those flat escalator thingies that allows carts and roller bags – that leads up from a parkade into a high-end supermarket that’s opened up in Sydney, Australia.

The independent supermarket Romeo’s Food Hall IGA opened up a couple of weeks ago in a space that was previously a historic railway shed, in a revitalized area near the central business district.

The 20-metre-long Foundry Tunnel tells the story of the historic area, from before human occupation and through its time as a hub in Australia’s railway network.

From Shopping Centre News:

Free parking is available for customers in The Foundry building, which is connected to the Locomotive Workshops via a unique subterranean travelator. A two-minute immersive Vivid-style experience, the Foundry Tunnel celebrates more than 100 years of innovation and manufacturing history of greater Eveleigh through creative digital content that tells the stories of the people and activities that have shaped the South Eveleigh landscape.

The project was put in by Pro AV Solutions.

The video only provides a brief view of the tunnel. Interestingly, based on watching the video, that MAY be the only digital signage in the whole thing.

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