Community Builder Using Digital Signage Players Inside Model Homes

May 5, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I have heard of many cases in which builders and property developers have used digital signage in their presentation centers – dedicated buildings or areas within existing or new builds – that show the features and offers of dwellings and areas.

Here’s a case where a builder is putting digital signage into each model home, using a looping player and TV that’s already baked into the home’s staging.

Ohio-based M/I Homes, one of the larger home builders in the U.S., is using San Diego-based Videotel Digital’s little industrial-grade VP90 media players in model homes, with intentions to have them in all its models before the year is out.

“M/I Homes is one of the nation’s leading homebuilders. To communicate with customers throughout their purchase journey as they explore our model homes, we have positioned Videotel Digital’s looping displays in various rooms throughout each model, which play informational content that reinforces our brand message,” says Will Duderstadt, VP Corporate Marketing for the builder.

Videotel has been around for ages, starting out with looping, industrial-grade DVD players but broadening the range to include a bunch of players that compete with companies like BrightSign. This one – the VP90 – can be updated via network and does up to 4K resolution.

Using digital signage inside a model home makes a bunch of sense, given that fully staged models will have TVs anyway, and a media player can easily be shifted to another model home when the existing one gets sold.

I actually did something like this three years ago when we sold our house – using the USB port and a thumb drive to cycle through images of the yard to show what the gardens looked like in mid-summer and what the pool was like with no winter tarp on it. Was way more effective than print-outs.

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