Call For Workplace Digital Signage Visuals

April 29, 2021 by Dave Haynes

I need workplace digital signage visuals.

The Sixteen:Nine Special Report on workplace that I am actively banging away on is far enough along that I am starting to block and tackle the layout and factor in images, so I can then hand it off to a graphic designer to make it look presentable.

I have been mining stock photo libraries for royalty-based images, but anyone who has ever done marketing in digital signage will confirm that finding in situ photos with digital signage already in them is HARD!

So … I am looking for images and short descriptions that show digital signage being used in both white collar and blue collar scenarios. I need photos of screen on premises, and visuals that show the kinds of messaging used in workplace scenarios – HR, KPIs and so on. Those can just be the screen design itself, like an HR message.

The report will come out in June (at least that’s the plan!) and any visuals I use from companies will be credited/image sourced to that vendor/service provider. Any stuff provided should be rights-approved and OK with the client (don’t so me a big favor but then piss off a customer!).

If you have some workplace images – office, factory, inside, outside, video wall, meeting room sign – that could help illustrate the report, that would be awesome. I can’t guarantee I will use what’s sent, but it will be a big step up over Photoshopping screens in to stock images.

To get images to me, e-mail the files or a cloud drive link to dave AT If you can help, THANK YOU!!!

The report, if marketers are reading this, already has full sponsorship. Sorry!

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