Lextar Demos Super Fine-Pitch 0.46mm MiniLED Video Display; Transparent MicroLED

April 28, 2021 by Dave Haynes

The Taiwan tech company Lextar has taken the curious step of announcing what will be on display LAST WEEK at the Touch Taiwan trade show – noting some interesting new mini and micro LED display products.

More normally, tech marketers would push out this kind of information ahead of a show, or on opening day. Whatever the case, it is helpful material, as the company is pushing the possibilities in both mini and micro LED.

Lextar, not to be confused with the flash memory maker Lexar, exhibited transparent micro-LED displays and the latest micro-chip-in-package technology. It showed prototypes of a transparent microLED that does 3000 nits, microLED that has the integrated circuit in the LED package and 16 in 1 miniLED that has a super-fine 0.46mm pixel pitch.

A 10.6-inch transparent micro-LED display that combines micro-LED chips with TFT substrates, able to achieve penetrations of over 60% with brightness as high as 3000 cd/m2 will be on display. 

Another 5.1-inch transparent micro-LED display to be featured at the exhibit is the product of further cooperation between Lextar and X Display that adopts micro-LED chips and a micro driver IC combined with transparent glass substrates; its penetration is over 70%.

These two transparent displays utilize differing substrate and driving solutions, highlighting the company’s diversity and technical capability in developing micro-LED displays as the company continues to progress towards future transparent display technologies.

At the show, Lextar released one of the first of its kind micro-chip-in-package products; this cutting-edge technology makes it possible to reduce micro-R/G/B LED chips to a pixel-sized package that is embedded onto PCB substrates. The greatest feature is that it increases the black ratio to 99% and the contrast ratio to 1,000,000:1. This technology not only makes screens appear more three-dimensional, but it is also possible to achieve excellent color uniformity over a wide range of viewing angles.

Lextar and Yenrich Technology – two of the Ennostar Group’s subsidiaries – showcased a 16-in-one mini-LED display package featuring a small pixel pitch of 0.46mm (P0.46), making it the premier ultra-fine pitch product currently available in the industry. As for LED display modules, the two companies co-debuted a mini-LED display module series featuring a pixel pitch ranging from 0.78 to 1.25mm, demonstrating an LED display lineup including 54-inch, 135-inch and 147-inch screens.

The entire series adopts high-efficiency flip chip mini-LEDs, achieving efficiency of three to four times higher than the lateral chips currently available on the market. The module and cabinet can be freely assembled in a variety of configurations, and is suitable for indoor or semi-outdoor entertainment and retail display purposes. The vertical integration advantage of Lextar can provide the most suitable mini-LED display solutions for customers’ requirements—from packaging and modules to applications.

Lextar also boasts an i-mini LED backlight series of products. The company released the latest in COB and DOB technologies with sizes ranging from 12.3-inch to 65-inch screens for the complete series. Applications include automotive panels, marine panels, notebook computers, desktop monitors and TVs, etc. Chip-on-board technology embeds mini LED flip chips on a light board, making it possible to achieve ultra-thin designs. In addition, driver-on-board technology, which is the latest technology that integrates driver, microcontrollers, TCON and power components on the light board, enabling the company to provide customers with easy-to-design-in solutions.

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